5 Things I Learnt By Dropping My iPhone

1. Bad Things happen at inconvenient times

Otherwise, they aren’t really ‘bad’ I suppose – just… annoying? With exams fast approaching, destroying a device I rely on so heavily wasn’t exactly a good move.

2. Always use protection

If my phone had been in a case, it surely wouldn’t have busted. My phone wasn’t even that badly damaged: no shattered glass, no missing pieces; just a tiny crack internally that destroyed 3 key functions: home button, microphone and, most unfortunately, charging.

3. iCloud isn’t all bad

Not only was my iPhone unable to charge, it couldn’t sync with iTunes via cable to backup and I had never enabled wifi sync.

I didn’t have a recent enough backup but luckily I figured out I could use my remaining battery charge to backup to iCloud over wifi. Best. Decision. Ever. It made setting up my new iPhone so much less painful.

4. Brisbane needs more Apple stores

Chermside sucks. It’s busy, out of the way and it just sucks. Please build a new one somewhere nicer. Please.

5. Even with iCloud, there are issues

However most obstacles actually exist to improve my online security. Google 2-factor authentication makes setting up all the apps that depend on your Google account a pain. I guess it’s better than losing control of my account though.

Also, Kaching by CBA requires you to call their phone service to authenticate a new iPhone if you have previously set it up on a different phone.

The moral of this story: protect your iPhone or buy something else! It’s cheaper and easier than buying and setting up a new one…