On the Issue of Blogging Platforms

This is a portion of a (very) lengthy comment I left on the blog at http://nathanliveblog.wordpress.com detailing my thoughts on Tumblr vs Blogger vs WordPress.


…I’ll try and offer my breakdown of the three I have used the most: WordPress, Blogger & Tumblr.

Tumblr feels the most gimmicky to me, offering all these social features that make it feel like more of a social network than a true blogging platform. That’s fine for heaps of people, but not what I think of when I think “blogging”. I’ve seen some excellent examples of fully fledged websites built on Tumblr (http://parislemon.com), but it feels too much like a Twitter stream in most cases.

Blogger, I don’t have as much experience, but it seems to be a middle ground between some gimmicky Google social tools and a highly extensible blogging platform.

WordPress just feels right. As a blog. As a website. As a gallery. As any online medium. Make it as social and (to use my own phrase) “gimmicky” as you like, or make it your professional portfolio – WordPress will adapt to your needs.


Just a side comparison on the issue of themes and customising. I REALLY like Tumblr’s customisation tools. Custom CSS, quality free themes, WYSIWIG editor. WordPress would definitely benefit from having an equivalent for free (the only real customisation is through the selection of themes – no custom CSS! :().

From my experience, Blogger also has some excellent customisation tools built in, but the theme development community seems to be lacking. Or is it just me? Wait… do people still use Blogger?

One Comment on “On the Issue of Blogging Platforms”

  1. Nathan says:

    Glad I inspired this post I try to be like major tech blogs yours is great!

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