Quick Tip: Searchable Reading Archive

Sure, this is pretty easy to achieve using Pinboard/ Instapaper/ Readability for a cost, however this technique is totally free.

Services used: Instapaper, ifttt & Delicious [1].

  1. Save all online content you want in your archive to Instapaper, using your favourite method.
  2. Make an ifttt task to send your archive’s RSS feed from Instapaper (link down the bottom of your Instapaper folder) to Delicious as a public [2] bookmark.
  3. Search your links at the following URL, replacing “%s” with your search term,



1. If you already use Delicious, append a unique tag during Step 2, in order to separate your other bookmarks from your archive.
2. The bookmark needs to be public, otherwise search may not work.

One Comment on “Quick Tip: Searchable Reading Archive”

  1. […] $1/month to use article search. This lets me replace my old (and pretty crappy, to be honest) system of exporting to Delicious. I don’t really use this much, but just the thought of being able to cut free from yet […]

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